Photos by Yvan Cohen

My career as a photojournalist spans more than three decades working mainly in Asia from my base in Bangkok. 

A freelancer, my work has been published in a wide array of international publications including covers for Time Magazine and the New York Times for whom I worked regularly for many years. The range of my work includes fashion, features and commissioned portraits. Other credits include The Sunday Times, Forbes, L'Express, AsiaWeek, La Vie and many others. 

Like many photographers I have also gravitated towards video work, examples of which are showcased on this site. I am now comfortable working on both photography and film projects. 

I am also a co-founder of the LightRocket media management platform (www.lightrocket.com and www.lightrocketmedia.com).

For assignments contact:

 Tel: 66-81-814-2536

Browse My Archive: www.lightrocket.com/yvancohen